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Company name / Name: Nyári Wanda e.v.
Address: Gereblye u. 10/B, Szigetszentmiklós, 2310, Hungary
Personal pick up here: 2310, Szigetszentmiklós, Losonczi utca 1.
Phone number: +36-20/437-4993
Email address: info [at]
Showroom name: Textilguru
Data protection registry number: NAIH-82718/2015.
Tax number: 65830633-2-33
Registration number: 28025485
Company licence: 65830633016323113
Bank account number: 11600006-00000000-53772118
Contact person name: Nyári Wanda
Contact person´s phone number: +00-00/000-000
Contact person´s e-mail address: info [at]

Shipping methods
» Delivery to the event place
Shipping cost is 90Huf/km which calculated from Szigetszentmiklós-HU.
Its covering the delivery on the day of the event then the return pick up on the day after the event.
Please provide date and place of the event to be able to calculate shipping cost in confirmation email.
» Pick up by Customer
Pick up by Customer one day before the event at Szigetszentmiklós, goods return on the day after the event.
» Parcel Delivery by third party
Webshop is calculating estimated parcel weight and delivery cost to hungarian destinations.
Order is delivered as a parcel on the week of the event. Same parcel delivery service is managing the return on following week.
In case of foreign delivery we are informing you about delivery cost differences.
Total product weightShipping cost
0 kg2.99 kg2 990 Ft
3 kg9.99 kg3 690 Ft
10 kg24.99 kg5 590 Ft
25 kg49.99 kg11 190 Ft
50 kg 21 900 Ft

Payment methods
» By Cash at pick up
» Payment by bank transfer in advance
As soon as the webshop confirmed the order, the customer is applying bank transfer.

Erste Bank 11600006-00000000-53772118
IBAN code: HU46116000060000000053772118

» Payment by PayPal
Customer is directed to the secured PayPal system to manage payment. Transaction cost: 3,4%+90 HUF.
» Payment by Borgun
Customer is directed to the secured Borgun system to manage payment. Transaction cost: 1,8%

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